This process pertains to evolution and creation with the appearance of cell like entities that could resemble planets gradually in motion alluding to how the Universe formed from chaos. I investigated Leonardo Da Vinci’s theory on the Flow Visualization. He provided the earliest reference to the importance of vortices in fluid motion. This piece has a strong relationship with science and nature. My work has suggested elements of containment and the body’s limitations. In this piece the bubbles go beyond their parameters and the frame acts as a boundary. Through my exploration of chaos throughout my work, I perceived it to be an  imperfection in nature when it has always been a natural process.  The scratches on the metal surface illustrate a residue of a time and place. The weathered surface suggests qualities of perseverance and endurance and the unseen. The metallic sound compliments the piece and is reminiscent of sounds picked up from outer space. Its subtle quality evokes wonder and awe in the listener. This imagery reveals a logic and scientific metaphor for nature and the chaotic within the body and the mind.

Copyright 2010 Angela Molloy. Northern Ireland Multi-media and performance artist based in Belfast.